Discover Your Opportunities

Pursue growth with a team of financial experts at your side.


High Income/Net Worth

You’ve worked hard to be successful, but with that success comes complicated finances.

Your current team of financial professionals works hard, but separately, leaving you wondering if there are holes that no one has discovered, or opportunities for growth that have gone ignored. How do you unify and simplify your finances while still capitalizing on what you have?

Sterling First Financial’s team model will help you replace complexity with clarity, giving you more time to pursue your interests and goals. Our team of nationally-recognized experts will give you a family office experience and connect all of your financial pieces into a smooth, well-curated whole. 

What’s more, as a 21st century advisor, we take full use of cutting-edge financial technology. Our intuitive diagnostic tools proactively uncover places for growth and offer timely, efficient, and innovative solutions for your goals.


Business Owners

You pour your time, energy, and heart into your business, but your business expertise doesn’t necessarily translate into financial expertise–especially about taxes.

You’re sure there must be places in your business that are ready for growth, but from your up-close perspective, they’re hard to identify. How can you maximize your potential and minimize your tax payments so you can take home more of what you’re actually making?

Our team of CPAs, tax attorneys, actuaries, engineers, third-party administrators, and more are leading experts in tax reduction planning and business growth. We’ll help you clarify your direction, legally reduce your tax load, and make a proactive plan for the future. And because we’re a team, whenever you have a question or need to adjust your strategy, one call is all it takes to access world-class advice and planning.

Our technology-based systems will help keep you on the forefront as our business diagnostic tools discover ideal places for growth so you can realize your dreams and translate your success into your personal life.


CPA Firms

Your CPA firm is successful, but you know the future success of your firm depends on going beyond reactive services like tax preparation, audits, and financial statements. 

With your clients looking to you for trusted business advice, how can you chart a course forward that creates more value for them without the loss of business that comes from referring your clients to third parties?

Sterling First Financial will help you become a firm of the future with our CPA team-based model. We establish full service management consulting and a family office experience for you, giving you a team of in-house experts, fully equipped to meet the changing needs of your clients.

Retain your clients and attract new ones with a proactive multi-disciplinary CPA firm backed up by a brain trust of specialists, experts, and cutting-edge proprietary technology-based systems.